And Tomorrow is Already Yesterday, or How the Heart Skips a Beat   ( 2010 )

Watercolour, black ink and oil paint on acid free 400gsm watercolour paper

each 100x70cm

                   Meanwhile in Paris

                               Go to Hell, Faggot.

                                             As If.

                    On Couche Ensemble

                     How Do You Handle a Hungry Man?

                            Parce Que Je Suis un Menteur

Location:  Paris

Themes:  Expectation, relationships, sexuality, disillusion. The human nature.

Love seems quite a major theme in movies, literature, music, but not so much in art. Or not anymore. Somehow death is still a big subject. Nature and the self. Sometimes religion. Art is the crucial subject in art.

‘Please don’t say we’re done

When I’m not finished’

The XX – Heart Skipped A Beat

Synopsis:  The new series of watercolours entitled ‘And Tomorrow is Already Yesterday, or How the Heart Skips a Beat’ are conceived as random frames from a romantic Photostory. In sketching and re-sketching the preparatory collages, Giardi keeps adding different and contrasting elements to his narrative, following the method of composition or writing in Proust’s brouillons. The final execution, a montage of images, techniques and styles borrowed from vintage magazines, graphic design, literature and comic strips, presents us with a “circle of love”, a world of signs that must be deciphered, that is, interpreted.

The beloved’s lies are the hieroglyphics of love.

The interpreter of love’s signs is necessarily the interpreter of lies.’

Gilles Deleuze – Proust & Signs