Don’t You Feel, Somehow, Buried In History? ( 2007 )

Series of 12 collages

Magazine cutting on black board

29.7x42 cm

‘Armoires are the cockroaches of our culture’

Chuck Palahniuk, Lullaby

At Whitecross Gallery Paolo Giardi presents a series of new collages.

Giardi is interested in mimicking, appropriation, fiction and artificiality in representation. In terms of approach, the use of collage, sometimes as a sketch, sometimes as an artwork in its own right, enables him to utilize ready-made images and concepts taken from films, books or magazines, together with self-referential elements.

The latest work entitled “Don’t you feel, somehow, buried in History?” is a reflection on the obsession of collecting. But who is collecting what? Is it the collector that follows his insatiable passion for fine, beautiful furniture or is it the artist that collects just mere photographic re-productions of it? Giardi sourced all his cuttings of craft and antique/modern furniture from auction house catalogues.

In imitating the appearance of a ‘cabinet de curiosités’, the artist wants to shift the discourse from art to interior design and vice-versa. The construct within the frame obeys, like in a cabinet, the laws of gravity, but not the ones of proportion, perspective and size. The result is an unsettling cityscape where statuettes and figurines become monuments, table lamps become lampposts, and glass vases become skyscrapers. The ‘cabinet de curiosités’ is reduced to a decorative junkyard, a warehouse for the zombie, for the un-dead.