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‘The beloved’s lies are the hieroglyphics of love.

The interpreter of love’s signs is necessarily the interpreter of lies.’

Gilles Deleuze – Proust & Signs

‘Please don’t say we’re done

When I’m not finished’

The XX – Heart Skipped A Beat

Location:  Paris

Themes:  Expectation, relationships, sexuality, disillusion, the human nature.


Love seems quite a major theme in movies, literature, music, but not so much in art, or not anymore. Somehow death is still a big subject; nature and the self, sometimes religion. Art is the crucial subject in art.


Synopsis:  This new series of collages on plywood follows a project that started with a group of water-colours also entitled ‘And Tomorrow is Already Yesterday, or How the Heart Skips a Beat’. The works are conceived as random frames from a romantic photo-story where narrative and dialogue, out of their original context deliver a punch line, ask for an alternative reading, or simply disconnect the images from their original sources.


In sketching and re-sketching the preparatory collages, Giardi keeps adding different and contrasting elements to his storyboard, following the method of composition and writing in Proust’s brouillons. Overlapping floating layers break the two-dimensional space within the wooden support/frame and the formal composition seems to suggest a depth of field that is immediately interrupted by the surface and pattern of the wood itself.


The final execution, a combination of images and texts borrowed from vintage magazines, graphic design, literature and comic strips, presents us with the hieroglyphics of relationships and life itself. This world of signs is asking to be deciphered and interpreted.

Vertige_Hubert-Denis Etcheverry_1903.jpg

Vertige, 1903 - Hubert-Denis Etcheverry © Musée Carnavalet, Paris

it's no goodsmall.jpg

Marcel Proust, Cahier 46 - © Bibliothèque nationale de France


Collage - page from Paolo Giardi 'Love' Artist Book

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