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2020 ongoing

Room 2020, we have all checked in lately and yet it remains a solitary confinement within which to project our obsession and fantasies.


As suggested by the title itself, this series of mock-up exhibitions is a spin off on the current trend of Online Viewing Rooms as a necessary alternative to the gallery physical space. Under this circumstance the artist has gained access to the keys of virtually every establishment, artistic or else, existent or imagined, resulting in an array of endless locations as platforms to promote his own work.


‘A Room With My View’ subverts the boundaries of what it is recognized to be an official presentation of artworks by adopting the very strategy art curators have adopted - the OVR – thus pushing its concept a little bit further. Artists have always carefully planned their exhibitions with the help of a scaled down model of the gallery space. Why not make that imaginary platform the final outcome? Everything is already there after all.


In this ongoing project, exhibition venues and specific rooms are selected in the context of the work on display. The connection between Marcel Proust’s bedroom and ‘You Can Learn a Lot of Things From the Flowers’ is an obvious one, after all ‘In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower’ was the inspiration behind the series. Sigmund Freud’s studio has become the stage for a group show that includes various artists alongside pieces from the series ‘Flora Chimera’ in a personal adaptation of ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’.


‘A Room With My View’ is both a virtual and a physical space; a three-dimensional collage and miniature set of carefully curated shows. The process of documentation blends the two realities together making the simulation come to life with the help of our very own online following.

A Room With My View - Memphis Vice, Miami Beach. Diorama presentation of solo exhibition by artist Paolo Giardi.
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