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DARLING - Les Intermittences du Coeur


Vintage magazine cutting, coloured card, inkjet print and pigment liner on Perma Jet Fine Art paper

29.7x21cm (box framed)

The work is conceived as a dexterity puzzle constructed around the turbulent relationships between the King of England Henry VIII and his wives.


Its formal appearance references three different playing cards at once: the King of Hearts (Henry VIII), the Knight (from the tradition of Spanish suits) and the 6 of Hearts (as in the six wives of Henry VIII, portrayed here by early 1970’s B-movie starlets).


‘Darling - Les Intermittences du Coeur' is a reflection on history, romance and the act of love. The puzzle becomes a complex game of desire, disillusion, betrayal and power. 

The piece was created under the specific theme of  'heart' - as seen in playing cards - a theme chosen by the curator Timothée Chaillou for his Only Lovers show at Le Coeur, Paris.

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